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Legacy is a mobile side scroller RPG that aims to give young gamers who are going through physical therapy that have a limited means of mobility an avenue of entertainment and socialization, which also serves as an extrinsic motivational factor to complete their physical therapy routine. In addition to the game itself, physical therapists can passively monitor their patients' progress and interact with them through a companion app.


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My Roles


Project Manager: ​

  • Directed and assisted a team of five to execute the project using the Agile development cycle

  • Planned and organized the objective of the project into sprints with the understanding of mobile game development pipeline

  • Developed and enforced schedules and facilitated effective communication

UI Designer:

  • Established the in-game user interface aesthetic, and created the UI assets


  • Created animation of avatar, monsters, and items using 2D art assets

Original Concept - Fitness Quest

Our project began as Fitness Quest, a fantasy-style mobile game that would encourage users to participate in different activities, that would improve their physical health. Rewarded with in-game enhancements and power-ups for their real-life accomplishments, players would journey through the game world, defeating monsters and bosses.


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